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Seraphim Blueprint Energy Healing

Seraphim Blueprint is a system of healing energy that connects us with divine consciousness via the Seraphim, the highest level of the angelic realms. Healing sessions bring clients into physical, emotional and spiritual balance with clarity and power.
Sessions can be hands-on or without touch, in-person or distant work. Seraphim Blueprint enhances the effects of other healing modalities and is a natural complement to Reiki and more.

At this time, due to Covid-19, sessions are distant only.

To schedule your appointment, contact me by email at juliapf@gmail.com.



Distant Healing with Seraphim Blueprint 

Clients call or email me to set up an appointment in advance.  Once payment is received, the session takes place at an agreed-upon time.  Generally I ask that the client be in a quiet place and relax as much as possible a few minutes before scheduled.  Bedtime is ideal.  Successful results have been obtained with this modality for pain relief, stress relief, and insomnia.  It also works well with pets.
Studies have shown that prayer helps us heal.  My practice of distant healing with Seraphim Blueprint includes techniques specific to this system, as well as prayer and blessings of healing intent. 

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