B i o g r a p h y

​Julia Forrest  Payne
The name of my business is Solace, LLC, which means a place of comfort and safety from the cares of the world.  This is the intent behind all of the work I do, to create a space for clients where stress-relief, inner balance, and healing can occur.
Since 2008 I've had a successful private practice in therapeutic massage and energy work.  Certifications include State of MD Licensed Massage Therapist; Usui, Sekhem Seichim, Gendai Shihan, and Karuna®Reiki Master Teacher; Reconnective Healing® practitioner certified to offer the Reconnection®; Seraphim Blueprint practitioner and teacher; EFT Master Practitioner; and mesa carrier in the Q'ero tradition, through the Shamanic Healing Institute in Annapolis, MD.   I also offer the Rites of the Munay-Ki, chakra balancing, crystal healing, dowsing, lomilomi, shamanic breathwork and bodywork, and house blessings.

I really wasn't looking for one more modality, figuring it could take a lifetime to  explore those I already do.  But in December 2012 a friend invited me to a free conference call, and as soon as the Seraphim Blueprint energies came through, I  received  a very clear intuitive message – this system would strengthen me and make my life easier, and also that I was called to become a teacher and share it with others. This vision has come true.

With clarity and power, Seraphim Blueprint helps us move into alignment with our true selves. It helps us expand, mentally and spiritually.  One of the most amazing differences I've seen in my personal life is how old patterns of behavior that no longer serve are now recognizable, and using the many tools that these energies provide, it's possible to make positive changes.  Feeling aligned with authentic self becomes the natural way of being.

For those who are ready to take this next powerful step, Seraphim Blueprint is the most profound catalyst I've found and am privileged to share.

In working with the energies of Seraphim Blueprint over the past several years, time and again I have seen examples of how we are empowered, on a daily basis, to become who we have the potential to be on a soul level.   What a priceless gift to receive and share.