C u r r i c u l u m


The Seraphim Blueprint consists of eleven major energies that are taken in a sequential order and synergistically interact to enhance total life experience. These eleven energies are given to students in six levels of classes that build upon each other to provide the tools for a comprehensive system of energy activations.  Once integrated, the attunements are activated by your intention.  Many can be run in the background like a computer program while you attend to the activities of daily life.  Other processes can be activated with a focused meditation on a specific personal goal, such as manifesting something you desire to bring into your life.   These energies are wonderful for helping to expand awareness and bring about positive change, as I have seen in my own life since I began working with the Seraphim Blueprint.

As with all true healing and energy work, everything begins with and flows from the heart. 

Once you receive the initiations, these energies are permanently available to you to use at your discretion.  You can immediately use them for yourself, family members, your pets, and even to heal and energize physical places, such as your home, garden and workplace.  Seraphim Blueprint energies also complement and work very well with other healing modalities you may already practice.  

Classes are equally effective whether held in person or by phone in a group teleconference.


Quartz crystal Seraphim Symbol grid created by
Tom Rigler, 2013