C l a s s e s

Level 5 – Seraphim Planetary Healing
This level gives us tools to communicate with non-physical beings who can partner with us to help this planet in its many transitions. This energy brings humanity into balance with the natural order. Specific initiations include harmonizing with elementals and vibratory beings.

Practical Application:
The energies of this level relate to the aspect of planetary healing. These energies help us to be more powerful in assisting the Earth. Learn to become more aware of the disrespect that humans have demonstrated to Gaia; become attuned to removing the Karma this creates in this lifetime and past lifetimes. Use of the intended activation also provides a connection to the nature kingdom. Completion of Level 5 gives you access to a group teleconference with global participants, Seraphim Planetary Healing, which is held periodically to benefit Gaia. Completion of Level 5
 also meets the requirements to be eligible to apply to become certified as a Guardian of Gaia.

Class Duration: 8 hours.

Fee: $186

Level 6 – Seraphim Grace and Union
Once we have cleared out the heavier dross that we have accumulated over lifetimes, we begin to feel a real need to absorb beauty in our environment, and feel closer to Source. The energies in this workshop facilitate that process.

Practical Application:
The final level of energies is linked to integrating grace and blessings of connective-ness to Source into our energy fields by activating unconditional love for ourselves and others. Using this energy activation will connect you with your third chakra for personal power. The brain and nervous systems begin working in sync and can result in a liver cleanse which will remove anger issues from the body.  

Class Duration:  This is a one- to two-day workshop, with 8 hours minimum required. Second day will be arranged as needed. Due to the number of initiations and extra time required, there is a higher fee for this level.

Fee: $267