Seraphic Planetary Washes



Solar flares, Mercury (and more) in retrograde, and hard aspects, blocks or oppositions in your astrological chart - those of us who are sensitive to energy may be acutely aware of the disruptions these astrological influences can bring.  But there is an answer:  Seraphic Planetary Washes, a gift from the highest order of angels, the Seraphim.  These planetary washes offer beneficial energies to counteract negative astrological aspects.  The washes also carry profound healing potential for specific chakras and organ systems of the physical body.


The washes have no prerequisite.  Anyone can receive and benefit from them.  They were channeled from a particular Seraph by Ruth Rendely, founder of the profound system of healing known as Seraphim Blueprint.  This angelic source, the highest of the high, guarantees the purity and power of the energies received.


After receiving my attunement to give the washes, I was gifted two more directly from the Seraph during a meditation.  These are for Saturn (now officially recognized as part of the Seraphic Washes) and Earth, with the understanding that they are meant to be shared with others.  


The benefits of each wash are listed below.  These positive planetary atttributes are consistent with the metaphysical descriptions found in the teachings of Acutonics, Edgar Cayce, and Rudolph Steiner, among others.


Each wash takes about 9 minutes to receive, either in person, by phone or as a distant healing session. Based on the goals you'd like to achieve, you may choose one, several, or all nine washes plus the bonus Earth wash consecutively in a single sitting.  


The beneficial effects of a wash can be programmed to last from 10 days to one month. They are temporary in nature (just as we clean our living space on a continual basis) and it's recommended that they be run in a repeating cycle for those who find them beneficial.  Subscriptions are available.   Please contact me at to schedule a time to receive them, either in person at my Ellicott City, MD office, or from the comfort of your home by phone in real time.


The Nine Seraphic Planetary Washes and Bonus Wash for Earth


Sun, or Solar Wash:  Brings strength and stability, and with that, a sense of calm.  Helps with will, determination, dignity, strength, confidence, vitality, courage, optimism.

Chakras: Solar Plexus, 3rd chakra.

Physical organs:  Heart, spine. 


Mercury Wash:  Clairaudient (psychic hearing) ability.  Helps with better communications and speaking before our peers as well as non-physical beings.  Can also be given during Mercury retrograde to offset the effects.

Chakras:  Throat, 5th chakra; crown, 7th chakra.

Physical organs:  Brain, thyroid, hands.


Venus Wash:  Great for hitting the reset button.  Self-love and compassion that helps us move forward.  The purity that results from burning away impurities, increasing innocence and compassion.

Chakras:  Heart, 4th chakra; throat, 5th chakra.

Physical organs:  Heart, ovaries, throat, kidneys, thymus, sense of touch.


Earth WashBrings an increased sense of unity with our planetary home, an energetic reunion which nourishes and revitalizes us on the physical plane.  We are gifted with a release and transfer of stagnant energy through an automatic channel back to Gaia, blessing both Her and us in the process as She recycles our Hucha (heavy energy that no longer serves) for Her benefit, so that flowers might grow.

Chakras:  Sacral, 2nd chakra; heart, 4th chakra; third eye, 6th chakra.

Physical organs:  Bones and skeletal system; blood and circulatory system.


Mars Wash:  Helps with positive, outgoing, passionate energy.  Brings initiative, “can do” attitude, assertiveness and focus.

Chakras: Root, 1st chakra; sacral, 2nd chakra; and solar plexus, 3rd chakra, as well.

Physical organs:   Adrenals, head, muscles in general.


Jupiter Wash:  Financial abundance, generosity, expansion, feeling of  "my cup runneth over."   Helps with good luck, inspiration, faith and optimism in the Universe providing for all of our needs.

Chakras: Sacral, 2nd chakra; crown, 7th chakra.

Physical organs:  Throat, liver, pituitary, feet, thighs.


Saturn Wash:  An antidote to Saturn's Type A, authoritarian energy, facilitating a healthy sense of responsibility for what is ours to do and work on, while supporting the setting of healthy boundaries in our relationships with other people, groups and institutions of which we are a part. 

Chakras: Sacral, 2nd; solar plexus, 3rd; third eye, 6th chakra.

Physical organs:  Brain and central nervous system

(Note, after I took the Seraphic Planetary Wash class, a Saturn wash was added to the official system. I received this energy on my own, so the description of its qualities may differ somewhat from others'.)


Uranus Wash:  Thinking outside the box.  Helps with originality, genius, playfulness, sense of humor. Great before a job interview, a presentation, an exam, or for a situation we may see as an "impossible cause." A wash to spark our inventiveness and brilliance.  

Chakras:  Third eye, 6th chakra.

Physical organs:  Parathyroid, endocrine system, brain, nerves.


Neptune Wash:  Whereas Venus helps us love ourselves, working with Neptune helps us see the God in others. It's actually a Neptune wash that enhances romantic love. Understanding the subtlety and nuances of everything around us; spiritual and musical abilities; personal magnetism, and discernment in our intuition of energies and spirit guides.

Chakras:  Third eye, 6th chakra.

Physical organs:  Pineal gland, endocrine system, kidneys, bladder, urinary tract, feet.


Pluto Wash:  Integration of the shadow self.  Results in better judgment and the cutting through to the core of things to bring forward issues to be released. Can be incredible in physical healing.

Chakras:  Higher consciousness - 8th chakra (above crown).

Physical organs:  Pancreas; organs of metabolism and elimination.



Pricing and Packages



Single wash:  $35

Package of any three washes, one-time session:  $99

Package of all nine plus bonus Earth wash, one-time session:  $200

For questions or to purchase:  Email me at